No Job Too Small
No Tree Too Big



There is no log job too big or too small. We can remove any size and number of trees from one to two, or two hundred. We have our logging license and are fully insured. ..More


Tree Removal

We are fully equipped to handle all styles of removal. We have ropes that can handle up to 8000 pounds of weight and jacks capable of pulling larger trees into safe falling areas...More



Craning is one of the styles of tree work I enjoy the most. If you have a backyard tree that you would love to get removed but there seems to be no access to it we can crane it out...More


Brush Chipping/Clearing

Living in a fire danger area means we are always dealing with the removal of brush. We are fully equipped with chippers and trailers to take care of your brush needs...More



So, you just bought some property and trees and brush threaten the house. We can reduce your threat. We have cleared firebreaks for many houses to obtain insurance...More


Dead Tree Removal

Dead trees can be extremely dangerous.  I worked eight years at Utility Tree Service where I spent much of the time removing dead trees. Dead trees provide a difficult challenge...More


View Enhancement

There are many advantages to living in Nevada County one of these is the great views. Whether it’s opening up a new view or maintaining an existing one, we can do it...More


Dead Wooding

No one wants dead branches hanging over the yard where the kids play or over the car. Seeing dead branches hanging all over your tree isn’t an attractive sight...More



I have no problem climbing every tree on your property and cutting just a few branches per tree if you want to expand your garden and need more sunlight on the ground...More


Insurance Work

I have been contacted many times by insurance companies to give overviews on property safety. I work with all sides but the home-owner is always the most important...More


Broken Tree Removal

I have come across many trees already on the ground because of Mother Nature. I can come out and clean it up. I can chip branches, haul away wood and stumps and refill holes...More


24 Hour Emergency

thing is worse than having a tree hit your home. Call MaxumTree anytime of the night to get your tree removed and roof tarped. Not only do we remove the tree we will tarp the roof...More



We are able to haul and remove anything because we are fully equipped with trailers and trucks. If you have a pile that has been sitting, call MaxumTree to make it disappear...More


Wood Splitting

We are equipped with a quality wood splitter. If you have rounds that have been sitting around for a while, call us. We can split and pile it for you, or split and haul it away...More


Watch the Video

Got a tall tree? Watch Max make it a small tree. This will bring out the inner lumberjack in you. You’ll want to grab a saw, put spikes on your boots and attack!..More

Rave Reviews

  • I live on a VERY small property with only 3 trees, but when the tree in my front yard became ill and was VERY close to my neighbor’s fence, I called Max.  He took care of the tree quickly and VERY carefully without any damage to my property or the fence.  He completely cleaned up after himself.  The only reason I knew had been there was from the missing tree.  He was GREAT!

    Tiana Rockwell
  • I needed someone to lightly trim a few trees and large bushes and do a general clean up on my small yard.  Matt and his crew came in and did the job and left my yard looking 100% better and for a very reasonable price.  They hauled all the clean up debris away and all I had to do was to enjoy my clean yard.  Thanks, Max.  I have recommended you to my friends and family.

    JL, Grass Valley